10 Best Sounding Wind Chimes For Outdoors [2022 Updated]

If you are here looking for the best sounding wind chimes for outdoors, then we got you covered. The wind chime is a great decoration supply for your home. If you want to beautify your house or garden, you should get the best wind chimes for the outdoors.

I bet there are no other alternatives that will add a new dimension to your space visually and acoustically. There are a lot of wind chimes in the market.

They are so lucrative that I always become confused about whether I should get them all. If you feel the same then I will show you the path. Here I have made a list of the best wind chimes that will not only suit your outdoors and also sound decent.

Besides, I have included a buying guide for you so that you can easily pick the most suitable one for you. Hope this article will help you to answer all your basic queries about getting a wind chime.

Best Sounding Wind Chimes For Outdoors Reviews

There are different types of materials that make the wind chime. Different materials create different sound notes. Besides, they have a difference in visual appearance.

Here is a list of the best wind chimes that sound sweet as well as good for outdoor decoration. All of the wind chimes in this list are good enough to pick for your personal use.

They have some strengths and weaknesses. This is why you have to know your preferences and use cases. Then you can pick one based on these for getting the max out of it.

1. UpBlend Outdoors Aluminum Pentatonic Wind Chime



Uppblend is a great brand for outdoor products. This is their best selling item. This is not overrated at all. This wind chime deserves the first position in this list. They named it Wailua wind chime.

This wind chime has different colors. Although this particular wind chime comes in a copper accent. The tubes are made of high-quality aluminum.

The size of the wind chime is not small at all. It is 29 inches long in total from the top to the windcatcher. The wind chime is very beautiful with contemporary design.

The metal built ensures that it suits any kind of architecture. Most people hang these metal wind chimes inside their house. Although you can place it on your patio or backyard.

The overall build quality seems very strong and durable. You are getting some bonus wind-catchers inside the packaging. This is a good gesture from this ordinary wind chime.

You can replace the wind-catcher to get your preferable loudness. There are 6 aluminum tubes in it for producing sound. The key feature of the wind chime is its pentatonic scale.

If you are into music then you might know that the pentatonic scale is a universal standard for sound notes. I found the sound quite interesting. It produces balanced melodious sounds.

The loudness is balanced out of the box. You don’t need to worry about the neighbors either. Overall this can be considered as one of the best sounding wind chimes without any doubt.

  • Full aluminum construction.
  • Follows the pentatonic sound scale.
  • It has got three extra sound-catchers.
  • Doesn’t create noisy and brassy effects.
  • Surprisingly I didn’t find any negative sides.


2. Woodstock Musically Tuned Pachelbel Wind Chime

woodstock - best wind chime for outdoors


Who doesn’t know the name of Woodstock? This is one of the most popular brands of wind chimes. Most of their products fall in the premium and costly category.

However, this wind chime is a great balance between affordability and quality. This wind chime comes in two different colors. One is bronze and another is silver.

The silver variant looks gorgeous and it should match with any kind of decoration. The chime is 32 inches in length. It is made of aluminum. However, the top ring and the windcatcher used dark finished wood.

The design of the wind chime followed a contemporary philosophy. There are six aluminum tubes along with four metal rods for producing the sound. The strings are tied with extreme care.

The overall system looks very strong and durable. It has a removable windcatcher. The default windcatcher is plain without any customizations. But you can engrave it with your home laser engraver with any logo or writing.

This is why it can be a great gift item. The manufacturer highly tuned this windchime for the perfect sound notes. They are claiming that they have tuned this wind chime to the major Canon in D by Pachelbel.

I am not a music person. But I found the tune very calm and soothing. The extra four metal rods added another dimension to the sound notes. Finally, this is a good overall wind chime for any type of person.

If you end up buying this you can be worry-free for a few years. Even the maintenance is not that difficult if you hang it indoors. This is considered the best wind chime for outdoors because of its durability.

  • Two different colors to choose from.
  • Tuned with music from Johann Pachelbel.
  • It looks pretty well built.
  • The design is elegant and modern.
  • The sound might seem overly loud for some people.


3. ASTARIN Large Deep Tone Wind Chime For Relaxing

astarin_large - Best Sounding Wind Chimes


This wind chime from Astarin is a cool one. This is not cheap at all. But the price is not out of range either. This is a very good value for the money wind chime. The wind chime is an all-metal construction.

Except for the clapper. I liked the fact that they use metal even in the windcatcher. The design language is unique. Although it follows a modern trend it has a classy vibe in it.

There is a ring for holding the suspension cords. Usually, this is not seen in the wind chimes. The metal ring provides a very minimal look. The strings are nicely tied with the tubes.

The aluminum tubes are painted in black color. You will get this in two different sizes. The finishing on top of the aluminum pipes is corrosion resistant. The edges have a diamond-cut chamfered design which is a niche touch indeed.

The clapper pendulum is adjustable. You can adjust it to make the wind chime completely silent if you want. The sound of this wind chime is melodic. It’s pretty loud and has a decent amount of treble.

However, the tune is not disturbing at all. The stronger the wind blows the more harmonic the sound is. The system is durable also. I think it will last for a couple of years even if you use it outdoors. This is highly recommended for those who don’t want to compromise about the quality of a wind chime.

  • High-quality metal tubes.
  • Long-lasting anodized finishing.
  • Hand-tuned for better sound.
  • Great for gifting someone.
  • The S hook is not that sturdy.


4. ASTARIN Personalized Memorial Wind Chime



This is yet another wind chime from Astarin. But this wind chime follows more of a traditional design language. There are a lot of varieties of this wind chime for people with different choices.

The wind chime is made completely of wood and aluminum. Only the tubes used aluminum sheets. The top circle, clapper, and windcatcher are made of wood. The wooden parts have a good amount of thickness except the windcatcher.

It looks very charming aesthetically. The wood is derived from the beech tree. Thus you will find a classy feeling while opening it from the packaging. It has a brownish accent.

The materials are completely weatherproof. Hence it is both suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. The strings are made of nylon and they look pretty durable.

The windcatcher or the sail has adequate weight into it. Therefore, it will not disturb you by chiming in the midnight breeze. On top of that, you can always adjust the clapper for controlling sounds.

The sound quality is superb. The tones are deep. The low notes pop pretty well. I like the overall melody of this wind chime. However, if you have a problem with loud wind chimes then there other alternatives for you to choose from.

To conclude, this is a deserving wind chime. There are many sizes and colors. Hence, you can pick the best one according to your budget and usage.

  • Made of beech wood and heavy aluminum.
  • This is a great option for backyard decoration.
  • It has got three extra sound-catchers.
  • The perfect memorial gift for loved ones.
  • The sail is a bit heavy and needs strong wind.


5. Cohasset Gifts Glassy Ball Bamboo Wind Chime



Now, this is a green and eco-friendly wind chime. Wooden and bamboo wind chimes have a different type of user base. They look natural and sound soothing.

If you are into bamboo-squad then you should check out our list of the best bamboo wind chimes. This is a gorgeous wind chime from Cohasset Gifts. Especially the glass ball on top of it adds up to the beauty.

It looks like a small planet or something. Normally bamboo wind chimes look plain and dull. But this is unique and worthy of placing indoors. The strings are made of nylon.

But they look very natural for this type of braiding. Besides, it will last long even if you place it under heavy rain. Although the glass ball is not crystal clear. It looks and feels like a coke bottle.

But I love this natural vibe. It has six bamboo tubes. The clapper is made of coconut wood. The plus point is you can choose the glass color. The clear one is my most favorite. The pipes are finished nicely.

They are varnished with a dark accent for weather resistance. The sound is not that dull like other bamboo wind chimes. Rather it makes loud sounds with a mesmerizing harmony.

I hung this on my patio. Normally my patio is not that windy. But I am satisfied with its sensitivity to air. This chime is a bit costly. However, if you are okay with the price and looking for an eco-friendly solution then this is a great deal.

  • Unique design with a glass ball.
  • Varnished bamboo pipes for longevity.
  • The rope is thick and well braided.
  • It creates calm sound effects.
  • The price is a bit higher.


6. BLESSEDLAND Large Deep Tone Wind Chime

blessed_land - Best Sounding Wind Chimes


This wind chime is not that unique in fact. But the thing I liked about this chime is its embossed texture. From the pipes to the clapper this wind chime used a textural matte finish which looks pretty stylish.

The wind chime has six tubes made of aluminum. The top circle is a metal ring that is holding the suspension cords. The sail has the manufacturer’s logo on it.

There is a pretty large S hook to hang it anywhere without any extra hassle. The wind chime comes in three different colors. They are copper vein, blue, and pink. However, the copper one is my personal favorite and it will suit most of the houses.

As soon as you unbox it, you will notice that the diameter of the pipes is larger. The decent amount of thickness and weather-coated finishing made this a tough product.

People mostly hang this type of wind chime in their living room or patio. But if you wish you can hang it in your outdoor garden. The tubes are hand-tuned by the manufacturer.

They produce good resonance. The clapper is hard enough to strike them and vibrate. I liked the high notes of the sound. This is quite melodious. Overall, this is a great gift and decor item.

On top of that, you are getting an incredible money-back guarantee. All these things make it one of the best wind chimes for outdoors.

  • Built with great craftsmanship.
  • The loudness is quite balanced.
  • Makes sound even with a gentle breeze.
  • Works great as a sympathy gift.
  • Not great for the loud wind chime lovers.


7. Famiry Outdoor Deep Tone Wind Chime

famiry - best wind chime for outdoors


This is one of the most popular wind chimes out there. The price is affordable and it offers great value. Thus most people consider this as their first wind chime. The wind chime is made of wood and metal.

The tubes are made of high-quality aluminum. Other components are made of wood. The wood has a natural finish and it does not have any varnish coating. It comes with a large enough S hook to hang it.

There are five tubes for producing sound. The windcatcher is engraved with a machine. There is a beautiful pattern drawn into it. Although if they would allow customized engraving it would be amazing.

The wind chime is built with sturdy materials. The cord is made of synthetic material and it is weatherproof. The wind chime doesn’t seem that it will lose beauty soon.

Rather, my experience says it will last for a few years without any maintenance. Let’s come to the sound. This is the most important part of a wind chime. It impressed me in every sense.

The tone has a decent amount of groove. It is pretty loud and only blows in strong wind. This is why it will not disturb your neighbors.

Lastly, this wind chime is a blend of quality and affordability. If you have a moderate budget you can’t go wrong buying this wind chime for your home.

  • The color is elegant and gorgeous.
  • Tuned by famous tuning experts.
  • It has an engraved windcatcher that adds to the beauty.
  • The manufacturer has great after-sales support.
  • A glossy varnish finish would be better.


8. Kearui Solar Light Wind Chime For Home Decor

kearui - best wind chime for outdoors


This is a unique wind chime from Kearui. I had never used an electric LED wind chime before. Most of you might be surprised by this wind chime.

This wind chime looks almost like other normal wind chimes. The tubes are made of PMMA materials. They look like glass but they are transparent and rigid plastics.

The sail is made of wooden plate and the suspension cord is made of normal nylon. The unique thing about this wind chime is that it has LED lights in the tubes.

Another interesting fact is that they don’t need any external power supply. The internal battery takes charge of solar the whole day. At night it turns on and looks amazing.

It can last up to 15 hours at a single charge. The RGB LEDs change colors and randomly show five different colors. The whole system is beautifully designed and well crafted.

The materials are IPX3 rated and you can place it outdoors without any worries. This wind chime is mostly a decoration material. However, it produces surprisingly good sound.

Honestly, I didn’t expect it. I was a bit skeptical about the plastic tubes. The tubes produce a deep tone with rich vibrations that is so soothing. I am sure that not everyone will like this artificial wind chime.

But if you love spending time at night in your backyard, it will be a great addition to that. Besides, this can serve as a party decoration material also. Although this is not made of metal, this is one of the best sounding wind chimes.

  • The plastic material is very durable.
  • Doesn’t need an external power supply.
  • The materials are IPX3 rated against water.
  • It changes colors randomly.
  • The sound doesn’t seem natural to the ears.


9. Cole & Bright Glass Wind Chime with Color Changing Light

cole_and_bright - Best Sounding Wind Chimes


This is yet another electronic LED wind chime. This one is from the Cole & Bright Store. The design language is somewhat different from other ordinary wind chimes.

The wind chime is made of acrylic plastic. There are eight rubes to make a sound. Four of them are made of acrylic while the other four are made of metal. The top circle has a shape that looks similar to the lid of a juicer.

However, I liked the overall look and feel of the wind chime. There is no sailor windcatcher in this wind chime. The wind strikes directly to the stems and this is how it vibrates.

But I don’t find any problem with that. Although, the absence of a windcatcher needs stronger wind to make it chime. There is a sphere in the middle of the wind chime. This works as a clapper.

There are some LED lights inside this ball. It doesn’t need an external power supply. There is a pair of AA batteries inside the system which gets power from the sunlight. The sound is quite impressive.

This wind chime is intended for decorative purposes. It creates a beautiful and romantic ambiance in your backyard. The sound is not that loud, however. But it will do the job for most users.

Overall, this is a great wind chime for aesthetics. If you prefer natural sound then there are many other options. But if you are in the RGB squad then this is a must-have option. I consider this as one of the best glass wind chimes out there.

  • RGB LED lighting support.
  • Metal pipes for a deeper sound.
  • The battery is included with the package.
  • The size is very compact.
  • It doesn’t have any windcatcher.


10. Gardenvy Bell Shaped Bird Nest Wind Chime



This is the most inexpensive wind chime on this list. But I like this one most. It has a very unique craftsmanship. No matter what kind of person you are, you are bound to love this.

The wind chime is from Gardenvy. It does not have typical metal tubes for creating vibration. Rather the chiming elements are bell-shaped. The color and the overall aesthetics will remind you of a medieval decoration element.

The wind chime is made of resin and bronze alloy. The bird nest is beautifully colored in bronze and you will surely mistake it thinking a metal part. It has six pairs of ringing bells.

The clappers are made of plastic and have a decent weight. The build quality is superb. It has a pretty sturdy S hook to hang it anywhere. The materials are weatherproof.

Thus you can place it in your outdoor garden without any worries. It can be a great gift for mother’s day because of this bird nest symbol. Since it has used bronze bells the sound quality is decent.

The notes are very deep. The sound is loud also. However, I didn’t find any annoying notes. Rather the overall melody is very soothing and relaxing. I didn’t expect a windcatcher in this type of design.

But luckily it has one. It helps this thing chime even in a gentle breeze. This can be the best pick for an old-school home interior. This is the best metal wind chime that looks gorgeous.

  • Made of high-quality bronze.
  • The design is bell-shaped.
  • One of the most affordable wind chimes.
  • The craftsmanship is solid and sturdy.
  • There’s nothing to complain about this chime.


Best Outdoor Wind Chimes Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Sounding Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have a long history. They were considered a thing that brings luck and wealth to the house. But in this modern era, wind chime is just a percussion and decorative element.

Although some people believe that wind chimes help us in mindfulness and meditation. Finding the best sounding wind chime is not that easy task. Sound is an important aspect of a wind chime.

But you don’t need to be a musician to find out the best sounding wind chime. Rather if you follow a checklist you can easily pick the best wind chime for outdoors as well as indoors.

Therefore, I am going to discuss the basic aspects of a wind chime. You won’t find all the characteristics in a single model. Don’t worry. Just know your priorities and choose the one which is most suitable for your home.


Wind chimes can be made of different materials. Some wind chimes use different materials for different parts. However, the tube or pipe of the wind chime is the most crucial part. Some people call it the stem.

Different tube materials bring differences in sound quality and aesthetics. It’s very difficult to say which material is the best for wind chimes.

Some people like a more natural outlook like bamboo while some people might prefer LED lightings. Again some produce deep sounds while others produce dull and gloomy notes.

The durability also depends on the material itself. If the material is coated with weatherproof coating you can place this type of wind chime in any place. These can be the best wind chimes for outdoor use.


This is a very important thing to consider while buying a wind chime. Some people don’t care about the sound it makes. Rather they use a wind chime to add to the beauty of their indoor or outdoor decoration.

There are a lot of wind chime models out there in the market. Some differ by material while some others differ by design. Nowadays there are LED wind chimes that change color over time.

If you are going to place your wind chime in the backyard or patio, you can choose any design. But if you have an intention to place it indoors then you have to consider which design suits your interior best.

Sound Quality

Windchime is used for chiming sound. If you wind chime doesn’t make a sound there is no point to buy that. As I said earlier different materials create different types of sound effects.

It all depends on the choice and music taste of the user. Here I am giving a brief of the sound produced by different materials. Hope it will help you to understand which will be best for you even without listening to the actual sound.

Metal wind chimes make an intense sound. The sound is very loud and there is a lot of resonance. The air can carry this sound far away. Among all metals, aluminum, and copper are the best.

They are costly, however. The wooden and bamboo wind chimes create dull and mellow sounds. It feels very soothing. This is why people use bamboo wind chimes to get natural and relaxing sound.

It doesn’t even annoy the neighbors. Glasses, clay, ceramics all produce different types of sound notes. Although they are not that common. If the wind chime is tuned well with good acoustic experts it will sound good.

No matter what kind of material is used. Don’t forget another thing. If you have neighbors who don’t like the sound of wind chime you should choose one that makes a low sound. In that case, you can take one that doesn’t have a heavy-weight clapper and windcatcher.


The sound of the windchime varies with the dimension. Although you have to choose the dimension of the wind chime based on your available space. Most of the wind chimes come in common shapes and sizes.

The length of the tubes affects the sound notes. Longer tubes produce bass-boosted sound effects. Most people like this soothing sound. On the other hand, shorter tubes produce more treble or high notes.

The size of the windcatcher is another deciding factor. The bigger the windcatcher, it will need stronger wind to sound. If you don’t wanna chime it all the time then you can choose a wind chime that has a small sail.


Windchime is a great gift and hobby item. In that case, build quality and durability is not a concern. But if you are planning to buy a wind chime for your own, you need to think about this. Especially, when you are using this in an open place.

The suspension cords, hanging hooks, etc should be checked if there is any fault or anything. Some wind chimes lose it’s sound quality and color after a few days. Most manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee or replacement.

Although, you can repair your wind chime easily if the strings get torn. We have a complete guide to repair and restring the wind chime if it is damaged.

In that case, you are secured. Another important factor is the eco-friendliness. It’s our responsibility to choose eco-friendly products even if we have to spend a few more bucks. The earth is ours. We must take care of it, right?

Best Places To Hang Wind Chimes

It’s all your choice. Some people prefer placing them inside their house. Again, a good number of people place it in their outdoor gardens or patios. The only thing you have to consider is the design and build quality to choose the best hanging place.

If you hang a bamboo wind chime in your living room full of modern appliances, it will not look good. Again, you should not place a premium glossy finished wind-chime in your backyard. It will suit best in the living room.

Best Indoor Places To Hang Wind Chimes

The living room, kitchen, doors, windows can be great places to hang your wind chime. But you have to choose a place where sufficient wind will blow to make it sound.

If you are placing just for the decoration purpose you can place it anywhere.

Best Outdoor Places To Hang Wind Chimes

I love to hang wind chimes in my outdoor garden. Especially the sound of the wind chime goes well with nature. Besides, there are sufficient winds to make this beautiful thing chime.

Sometimes, neighbors might get annoyed by the sound. You can also place a wind chime on your porch or patio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Wind Chimes Good For?

Bamboo wind chimes are very good for sound and appearance. You will have a refreshment in your eyes while looking at the bamboo wind chimes. Besides, they are very affordable and eco-friendly. They are the best choices if you are short on budget.

Do Wind Chimes Scare The Birds Away?

If you place a wind chime in your garden the birds might get scared at first. But eventually, they will understand that it is just a dumb object. Then the birds won’t be scared and rather they might make the wind chime as their resting place.

What Material Makes The Best Wind Chimes?

It’s difficult to say which material makes the best wind chimes. It depends on someone’s personal preference. As you know that different materials look different and they have different aesthetics.

On top of that, they make different sound notes. However, normally aluminum wind chimes are great as they are durable enough. If you want organic vibes then you can go for bamboo as the material.

To Conclude

Windchime is a thing that you won’t buy every day. A good wind chime lasts a long period. This is why it is important to be able to choose the best one. I hope this in-depth article has helped you to choose the best sounding wind chime for your home.

You can comment if you want to clear any of your doubts regarding the best wind chimes for outdoors. I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Happy chiming!

Affiliate Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.